Jey Luchy, the Russian-based Ghanaian rapper, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and record executive is apparently considered amongst the best in his music career, connections and his versatile capabilities as an artist and entrepreneur.

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Stream Get Out
My Way Now!

Inspired by my Mama, that she never had it always struggled to care for me and the family. So whatever obstacles in my way from now on should get out my way to make it and make mama proud.

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Camp with Aboabone

Join me lets go for an adventurous camping. Fitness , games , dance , yoga , good music , food , red wine (drinks). Lets have fun and explore.

De-Ark Music

DeArk Music Empire is a Ghanaian record label founded by Artiste/Producer ``Jey Luchy`` in 2010. The label consists of producers, artists and songwriters.

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